Report: HP Creating Own Media Store for WebOS Devices

Hewlett-Packard will reportedly offer both a music service and movie store for its upcoming TouchPad tablet, due out within the next few month. The music solution will reportedly manage media smartly, by ensuring tracks most likely to be listened to will be stored locally.

Think HP’s Tablet Has No Chance? Watch This!

Think HP’s TouchPad doesn’t stand a chance in the tablets wars? It’s early yet, and this video walkthough of webOS 3.0 via a leaked emulator may change your mind. The user interface borrows from Apple’s iOS, but adds a number of compelling features sure to impress.

Apple Squeezes Competition With $100 Price Drop on Original iPad

At the launch of the iPad 2 today, Steve Jobs noted the redesigned tablet would keep its current price structure while adding new features. However, for consumers who believe price is the most important feature, Apple is cutting $100 off the original iPad while supplies last.