Honda, BMW experiment with the autonomous motorcycle

Most connected vehicle technologies have focused squarely on the car, but BMW and Honda are working with the University of MIchigan and Cohda Wireless to develop autonomous driving technologies that work on two wheels.

Cisco buys BroadHop to start prioritizing packets

Cisco is the latest vendor to get into the policy management game. It’s planned acquisition of BroadHop will give it the foundation for new sets of service tiers that prioritize certain types of traffic over others.

Citrix buys Bytemobile, targets mobile operators

Desktop virtualization and cloud computing vendor Citrix Systems is expanding into the mobile infrastructure market, announcing on Thursday it plans to acquire mobile traffic optimization company Bytemobile. The companies didn’t disclose the terms of the deal, but they expect it to close in the third quarter.

Did Comcast Just Admit to Vonage Traffic-shaping?

I received an emailed press release from Comcast this morning about their plans to work with Vonage to address “the reasonable network management of Internet services” that left me a tad confused. Comcast had already admitted to massaging P2P traffic, sparking an online uproar that resulted in the company backing down and announcing plans to use different kinds of network management techniques. (They massaged P2P traffic by either delaying or blocking P2P packets outright, which caused BitTorrent-type services to degrade.)

In an attempt to uncover the real reason behind the release, I called a Comcast spokeswoman and asked her if this was an exclusive deal with Vonage, and if any money was changing hands. She said that the agreement doesn’t preclude others from working with Comcast, that in fact it’s working with a variety of companies and groups. And no, there is no money changing hands.

Still, the press release kept nagging at me. Read More about Did Comcast Just Admit to Vonage Traffic-shaping?