Transmedia fail: Top Chef: Last Chance Kitchen

Premiering this week, Top Chef: Last Chance Kitchen is an online-only series in which chefs eliminated from the TV show get a chance to return to the competition. But as a case study in integrating web content into a series, it’s a potential disaster.

A New Transmedia Initiative For Kids

Last September, Rick Richter, the former president of Simon & Schuster (NYSE: CBS) Children’s, launched Ruckus Media Group, a kids’ book app…

5 Questions With…Hoodlum CEO Tracey Robertson

As co-founder of Hoodlum, Tracey Robertson has helped drive many award-winning transmedia campaigns, including universe-expanding content for Lost and Salt. Below, find out which social media kingpin she thinks is a game-changer, and why she’s probably mad at me for using the word transmedia.

C.S.I Crossover, iPad App Set for Level 26

For any casual C.S.I. viewer, the upcoming Oct. 14 episode “Sqweegel” means very little — but for those familiar with C.S.I. creator Anthony E. Zuiker’s “digi-novel” series Level 26, it means that the cross-platform franchise is adding at least one more platform.

Five Questions With…7Robot CEO Sarah Szalavitz

You guys are lucky: Today’s Five Questions With… features a true new media big thinker. 7Robot founder/CEO Sarah Szalavitz discusses the potential power of 3-D printing, the problem with the term “transmedia” and how online video’s role in the digital marketplace has changed.

Webishades: An ARG About Web Series, For Web Series Fans

Interactivity is a key element when it comes to successfully spreading web content. Enter a recently-launched ARG created specifically for the web series community, created by producer Jenni Powell and No Mimes Media, that’s had low participation so far but can live forever online.

There’s No Mystery to The Event’s Social Media

Whether you liked or loathed the premiere of NBC’s The Event last night, the transmedia elements accompanying the series are super-disappointing. While there are a few sites and Twitter accounts, their level of success ranges from mildly entertaining to flat-out disjointed.

MTV’s Savage County Goes Transmedia

Wondering how confident MTV is that its Eventful campaign for Savage County will lead to a television premiere? Here’s how confident: They’ve hired Nina Bargiel, who masterminded the Streamy-winning Valemont transmedia experience, to create another interactive web-based narrative for the upcoming slasher film.

5 Questions With…Transmedia Producer Nina Bargiel

Today we have Nina Bargiel, the Streamy-winning mastermind behind the expansive social media world surrounding MTV’s college vampire drama Valemont. Below, she warns the world to not call her a social media guru and talks about the lessons learned during Valemont.