This Saturday you can watch all of Transparent free on Amazon

Not having access to award-winning TV is certainly nothing new for cord-cutters, but now the debate’s being flipped: When Amazon’s original series Transparent won the Golden Globe awards for best comedy and best actor, there was some discussion of how the masses could see the show, since it’s only available on Amazon, to Prime members.

But here’s something a cable network would probably never do: On Saturday Amazon is making all of the episodes of Transparent free for viewing by all, just for that one day. In addition, in case you don’t have time to binge-watch the 10 episodes, [company]Amazon[/company] is putting Prime on sale that day for $72 (down from the normal $99), though it appears the offer is only available to new members. Amazon’s relying on you getting so hooked by episode 2 that you will have signed up for Prime by episode 4.

You can watch the show at or on the Amazon Instant Video app.