A power conversion startup buddies up with Japan’s electronics giants

A startup that makes more efficient power conversion devices has raised money from, and partnered with, a group of Japanese electronics giants. Transphorm is a venture-backed startup and its move is a symbol of the growing importance of corporate partners as well as overseas investors in cleantech.

Innovations emerge to boost solar panel power

Power electronics that can boost energy production from solar panels has emerged in recent years as a favorite among venture capital investors. On Monday, that trend continues with the announcement that an Israeli startup, SolarEdge, has raised $37 million from VCs.

Transphorm and Enphase team up on solar power conversion

Figuring out ways to convert solar power efficiently is attracting a lot of public and private dollars these days. Google-backed Transphorm is teaming up with another startup, Enphase Energy, to develop a device using a novel material with financial support from Department of Energy’s ARPA-E.

Using radio waves for more efficient solar power

Using radio waves to efficiently convert solar power — that’s the idea behind startup Array Converter, which spoke for one of the first times this week at the AlwaysOn GoingGreen conference in San Francisco.

Biden, Chu: We’re at a crossroads for clean energy

It’s been hard to avoid the elephant in the room at the fourth annual National Clean Energy Summit. While the clean energy industry was eager to talk about the latest cleantech breakthroughs, the reality is that the industry is facing a difficult near-term funding future.