Azureus Vuze, BitTorrent Losing to Market Leader uTorrent

uTorrent now commands 60 percent market share among BitTorrent clients that are available to file sharers, according to the latest numbers released this week by the Tribler P2P team at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands.


That’s bad news for Azureus Vuze, which had been gaining, and the official client from BitTorrent — both of which lost over 20 percent of their share since last month, with BitTorrent’s client on a losing streak since June. In the “winner takes most” world of the Web, these numbers put uTorrent in a commanding lead. However, Transmission is growing at a rapid clip, posting nearly a 24 percent gain over September.

The Tribler team simply counted the client application reported by peers connected to a number of torrent swarms. What’s not clear is how the location, time, or selected torrents might have affected results — for instance, if Tribler was connecting from Delft, the results may be skewed toward European users.

All of which leaves this Vuze user wondering if he shouldn’t switch to uTorrent. Vuze’s attempts to position Azureus as a media platform and not just a torrent download application just seems to get in the way of sharing files.

BitTorrent Researcher: Copyright Will Be Obsolete by 2010

youtube_top_friendsJohan Pouwelse is a busy man. The P2P researcher based in the city of Delft, in the Netherlands, is heading up development of the social BitTorrent client Tribler; he’s also deeply involved with the EU’s P2P Next project, which aims to use P2P streaming for an open source, next-generation video delivery infrastructure. And Pouwelse, who’s been tracking the P2P phenomenon over the last decade, has just published along with some of his colleagues an article highlighting some of the key points of his research. It’s a good 21-page read, but here’s the short version: That whole copyright thing ain’t gonna work.

In fact, Pouwelse thinks the existing copyright system could fall apart as early as next year unless significant reforms are put into place. He draws this conclusion from an analysis of not only movie file-sharing, but activity on social networks like Facebook and streaming video sites like YouTube. All of these platforms are prime examples of user-based collaboration, or peer production, as Pouwelse likes to call it. These forms of peer production are not only getting more and more popular, but also increasingly sophisticated, to a point where they poise a significant challenge to our established system of content production and monetization.

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