Data wranglers, don’t fear. Trifacta is here

Making sense of big data can be hard enough without spending untold hours having to write code or manually clean datasets that simply won’t work with existing BI tools. Trifacta is trying to automate that process with a new software product it announced on Tuesday.

Data science: From hubris to human-centered design

This a really thoughtful post from Trifacta Co-founder and CEO Joe Hellerstein (who’s clearly ramping up for the big unveil of Trifacta’s product soon) about the transformation of data science skills. As someone who sometimes tries to do work with data — and ¬†often speaks with people who really do work with data — I couldn’t agree more. There are tools that let “business users” or even journalists do valuable stuff, but they’ll always be many steps behind what folks trained in math and computer science can do. And data transformation sucks for everyone.

Why Trifacta is teaching humans and data to work together

A new startup called Trifacta, founded by UC-Berkeley professor Joe Hellerstein and Stanford professor Jeffrey Heer, wants to eliminate much of the hassle of making messy data usable. The company combines machine learning and human-computer interaction, and has raised $4.3 million from Accel Partners.