Big data in real time is no fantasy

Big data — as in managing and analyzing large volumes of information — has come a long way in the past couple of years. Among the greatest innovations might be the advent of real-time analytics, which allow the processing of information in real time to enable instantaneous decision-making.

Triggit Makes Grabbing Internet Content Even Easier

Triggit, a new toolbar application which launches today, is a nifty feature trying to make it as business. Triggit the company, which was founded two years ago with the goal of connecting wine bloggers with merchants that have inventory to sell online, has branched out into other shopping sites and functionalities.
But at the end of my interview with CEO Zach Coelius, I found myself more frustrated than excited. Triggit is following the same mistake made by many other Internet startups: sacrificing revenue in lieu of growing the number of users.
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