TripAdvisor gets more social by buying Wanderfly

TripAdvisor is buying social travel and inspiration site Wanderfly in a bid to get more social. Wanderfly offers a visual, Pinterest-for-travel design. The acquisition may suggest more consolidation in the social travel market.

TripAdvisor sees opportunities in going deep on mobile

While TripAdvisor first looked at building a mobile app that “didn’t suck,” it’s now looking at how deep it can go with mobile apps by taking advantage of all the capabilities of mobile devices.

When Social Replaces Search, What Can You Do to Monetize?

Social web behavior is increasingly filling the need for a traditional search engine, but you can’t monetize the social web by transferring over search advertising. What does that mean for Google, and what are some of the most promising ways startups are filling the gap?

UpTake Helps You Plan Your Next Trip

logoWhen planning a vacation, it’s hard to find good information on the web.  UpTake, now out of private beta, tries to help with that process by assessing keywords and returning user comments from across the web to help you find great travel destinations based on your preferences.

UpTake aggregates information from Expedia, TripAdvisor, and Yahoo Travel.  The website crawls these sites (along with other travel niche sites) and returns user generated travel spot reviews for spots throughout the United States. UpTake provides information on hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions, and suggestions for things to do.

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