Patent troll tries to saw BuzzFeed over video ads

A shell company says it owns the right to insert certain types of ads into online videos. Its lawsuit against popular viral site Buzzfeed shows how the problem of “patent trolling” is touching every part of the technology and media industry.

Oracle sues to smash patent troll Lodsys

Oracle, it seems, is not one for irony. Right after an epic court fight with Google in which it was accused of abusing intellectual property, the software maker is now trying to dissolve another company’s patents

Community Management: The Dark Side

Image by lacie babenco

Image by lacie babenco

This is the fourth in a series of online community management posts. Earlier posts covered online community manager jobs, what community managers actually do, and what skills are required to be successful in the role. I don’t want to leave anyone with the impression that community management is all sunny skies, unicorns and rainbows, though. Communities have their fair share of trolls under the bridge, wicked influences and other elements representing the dark side of the force, as Robert S. Robbins points out in a comment on one of my previous posts. Robert said:

“You seem to be ignoring the dark side of the profession. I’ve seen a lot of challenging issues come up in the online communities I participate in. For example: you’ll have to deal with trolls and other disruptive individuals, you’ll have to deal with copyright issues when content providers put up material they don’t own the rights to, and you’ll have to deal with security when women attract stalkers and kids are being preyed upon. YouTube started out as a video sharing site and then became a social networking site but they failed miserably when it came to managing that aspect of the business.”

The dark side can take many different forms. Here are just a few of them. Read More about Community Management: The Dark Side