Cool: Wi-Fi breaks the sound barrier

Want a challenge? Try building a Wi-Fi network for a car designed to break the speed of sound. A project that aims to break the land-speed record has applied to the FCC for permission to operate an experimental Wi-Fi network at 800 mph in Nevada.

Tropos Gets to the Point-to-Multipoint for the Smart Grid

Can the municipal Wi-Fi concept make the leap to all-inclusive smart grid communications solution? Sunnyvale, Calif.-based Tropos Networks is trying it out, and unveiled new products and networking architecture Monday morning for everything from super-fast distribution automation gear to millions of smart meters.

Europeans Cutting the Cord; Will Americans Follow?

The cable and satellite industry in the U.S. has begun to show some weakness, with the first-ever decline in pay TV subscribers last quarter. But data from the European Union shows that cable subscribers there have already decided to stop paying for cable TV services.