Early adopters: Don’t panic if your iPhone 4S has issues

Since Apple has just launched a new iPhone, it’s inevitable that reports of problems with the initial shipments are also cropping up. The iPhone 4S has garnered plenty of complaints, but here’s a quick gut check to help you determine what is and isn’t serious.

3 tips for taking your Mac in for service

Macs are fairly dependable, but there will still be occasions when you have to take them in for service at an Apple Authorized Service Provider. This can take some doing, so here are three tips about things you might not think about when moving your Mac.

Mac 101: 10 essential tips for bringing a Mac to college

With Mac products so popular on college campuses these days, here are some tips to make sure your (or your kids’) college Mac experience goes as smoothly as possible, and won’t end up completely derailed if it does run into a few bumps.

iOS 101: How to recover from an app or device failure

It happens to the best of us, and usually at the worst times: Your device freezes up or iOS decides to go on a long weekend without you. Don’t panic, though; there are a number of options to help get your iPhone/iPad/iPod up and running again.

A Guide to Mac Diagnostic and Repair Utilities

Got hardware problems? There is no one clear leader in the Mac DIY repair market. When shopping for a hardware troubleshooting utility, choosing the right one can be difficult. What’s a wise shopper to do? Read this guide, of course.

How To Restore or Update Your Apple TV Software Over USB

The latest Apple TV has a built-in update function that downloads and installs new software, accessible via the device’s Settings menu. But if you’d rather not update over-the-air, you can always do it via USB through iTunes, and restore your device, too, if you’re having problems.

How to Solve Tech-savvy Shortfalls

crisis_phoneWe’ve talked a lot on WWD recently about the tech-savvy of our clients, our site’s users, the public, and, well, everyone … except ourselves!

We might like to think we know it all, and many of us spend innumerable hours reading, researching and learning so that we do actually know a heck of a lot. But for all of us, there are times when things get hairy — times when we wrestle with technology and struggle to get even the (apparently) simplest things done. Although web workers may not like to admit it, we too experience technical challenges from time to time.

When I think about the people I know who aren’t tech-savvy, their responses to tech problems seem to encompass these options:

  1. Employ strong language in questioning the piece of technology’s intentions.
  2. Strike the device in use, or one of its peripherals.
  3. Ask “what kind of idiot designed this thing.”
  4. Call offspring or partners for advice.
  5. Complain to friends.
  6. Hack an improbable and unproductive workaround at best; give up at worst. Read More about How to Solve Tech-savvy Shortfalls

The Curious Case of the Missing MacBook Pro Keyboard and Trackpad

About three weeks ago, the keyboard and trackpad on my MacBook Pro (from mid-2007) began failing randomly for no apparent reason. I would turn it on only to find its keyboard and trackpad unresponsive to any input. Rebooting sometimes helped, but many times it did not. Without a reproducible pattern I could determine, it was impossible to know if the problem was caused by failing hardware, a software conflict, or both.

Imagine if this happened to you while you were out at a cafe or are about to give a presentation, and you’ll understand why I was near the brink of insanity. After some investigation,1 it became clear there was a fundamental design flaw present in the MacBook Pro that was causing the problem. If your MacBook Pro does not have the new unibody design, this design flaw could give you grief sooner or later. Read More about The Curious Case of the Missing MacBook Pro Keyboard and Trackpad