What do people watch on HBO Go? Mostly HBO shows

On HBO Go, about 75 percent of all viewership is focused on the premium cable network’s original series, as users catch up on current series like Boardwalk Empire or watch older shows like The Sopranos, according to HBO Co-President Eric Kessler.

Game of Thrones Gets Interactive on HBO Go

HBO is giving viewers one more reason to tune into its shows on its TV Everywhere portal: The premium cable network has added a number of interactive features to episodes of hit fantasy series Game of Thrones on HBO Go.

Tunerfish Goes Live With Its First Media Partner, HBO

Comcast-owned social TV site Tunerfish is going live today, and it already has a major media company on board to help cross-promote the service. According to a media alert, cable programmer HBO has teamed up with Tunerfish to promote the season premiere of True Blood.

Vid-Biz: Cronkite, Kangaroo, Rex

CBS Streaming Cronkite funeral; CBSNews.com has exclusive right to record the memorial service of its esteemed former anchor at 2 p.m. ET today. (stream here)

Arqiva to Acquire Project Kangaroo Assets
; infrastructure company intends to launch a new video-on-demand service in the UK using platform from abandoned video site. (release)

REX – Full Pilot Episode from The REX Team on Vimeo.

Indie Pilot Starring Paris Hilton, Simon Rex Posted Online; Rex looking to build web fan base amidst pitches to networks. (Tubefilter)

Truveo Not a Top Priority for AOL; though new CEO Tim Armstrong wanted the video search site to be one of the company’s top five focuses. (New York Times)

True Blood Brings in HBO Video Viewers; campaign around second season premiere drew video streams up 299 percent, to 6.4 million in June, according to Nielsen. (Nielsen Wire)

Home Wireless Networks Aren’t Yet Ready for Video; service providers still want wired networks, though Broadcom is working on a better chip. (GigaOM)

Watchers OK With Disabling Fast-Forward on VOD; even with full commercial load Cox finds people like convenience of day-after-airing programs. (MediaPost)

The Problem(s) With Measuring Online Video; eMarketer surveys the experts. (eMarketer)

Leaked Pilots Help Predict Fall Season Cancellations

If only Fox had listened to us. Back in June, we looked at the popularity of leaked TV show pilots to get a sense of what we have to expect this fall season. One of the shows we wrote about was Do Not Disturb, a sitcom about a hotel in New York that was directed by Jason Bateman. File sharers responded to the leaked pilot with the verdict “early cancellation.” And guess what? Do Not Disturb was canceled after only three episodes as the first show of the fall season.

Do Not Disturb wasn’t the only show that saw its pilot leak early. It’s safe to assume that at least some of these leaks were intentional, and they’ve shown to be pretty good indicators of the popularity of a show once it reaches the airwaves. Of course, online hits don’t always get great ratings on TV and vice versa. Episodes of Arrested Development are still doing pretty well on torrent sites, and it probably wasn’t just the DVD sales that compelled Fox to give Family Guy another chance. So how are this falls hits and misses doing on file sharing networks?

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