Trulia bulking up finance, legal teams as IPO prospects loom

Trulia, the San Francisco-based real estate search company, has added two new executives with public company experience as it moves toward an initial public offering of its own. Trulia has named former PayPal exec Sean Aggarwal as its first-ever CFO, and Scott Darling as general counsel.

Trulia Crime Maps Bring Big Data to the Masses

Real estate website Trulia is set to roll out a new feature that will allow users to view crime statistics for 50 metro areas in the U.S. The new feature, launching in June, is a major exercise in real-time big data processing.

Zillow Wants a Home on Wall Street

Zillow, a real estate listing service which recently said that it was nearing profitability now is dreaming of going public, probably in 2011. Zillow, despite the woes of the real industry, had a pretty decent year in 2009, with sales rising 65 percent.

Why Google Is a Fair-Weather Friend

Real Estate Top 10

If you’re a startup that’s building its business using Google’s (s goog) services, be warned, because the Mountain View, Calif.-based search giant is a fair-weather friend. Take real estate listings companies like Trulia and RedFin, which both use Google Maps as part of their offerings. They got a rude awakening today, thanks to moves being made by Google’s Sydney office. Google’s Australian arm is looking to get into the classified real estate business via a new tool that uses Google Maps and connects buyers and renters to available properties. Read More about Why Google Is a Fair-Weather Friend

Using the iPhone to Mine for Gold & Sense

Our growing ability to use the Internet as a giant database, apply that information in a creative way to build interesting mash-up applications, and then apply them to markets — stock, real estate or fantasy — is an area that holds a lot of fascination for me. But while a few efforts have produced rudimentary, data-based mashups that are good, so far none have been truly game-changing.

We’ve already showcased two startups — Skygrid and Placebase — that have impressed us with their ability to offer pointers that can be translated into actions on the real-world stock and real estate markets. Trulia and Zillow fall in that category as well, though I think they’re both eons away from where they should be. And today we’re adding New York-based Sense Networks to the interesting and growing list of intelligent mashup companies.

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How to ID a Market Primed for Speed

We hear often that speed is a virtue in the startup trade. Mike Cassidy thinks speed is the highest virtue, in fact. (Check out his presentation, Speeding Up All Parts of a Startup, which we found via Venture Hacks earlier this week.)

As luck would have it, Found|READ has been talking about this very thing – how to accelerate your startup’s success — with serial entrepreneur Ashfaq (“Ash”) Munshi, currently the founder of TeraBitz, which he launched in 2006 with his son, Kamran Munshi. (Talk about speed: Kamran is 18!) Read More about How to ID a Market Primed for Speed