Anxiety: A Lightweight Mac Task Manager

Looking for a simple task management app for your Mac? Check out Anxiety. It’s a lightweight to-do list app that can integrate with iCal and Mail. Unlike many of the more full-featured task managers, it’s relatively unobtrusive, taking up a tiny amount of screen real estate.

471 Billion Mobile VoIP Minutes By 2015

Juniper Research says that the total number of mobile VoIP minutes will jump from 15 billion minutes in 2010 to 470.6 billion minutes by 2015. US is going to account for 135 billion mobile VoIP minutes by 2015. Now good news for mobile VoIP startups.

Up in the Air: FCC’s Wireless World Travel Tips Takes Off

The FCC today kicked off what it’s calling “Wireless World Travel Week,” complete with include a daily informational video, blog posts explaining service strategies while abroad and a useful communications tip sheet for travelers. Topics range from overseas calling options to less expensive VoIP services.

Vid-biz: JooJoo, YouTube, OnLive

JooJoo Revamps Interface Ahead of Launch, Adds Local Video Playback — and Changes Color; the device formerly known as the TechCrunch tablet plays back Flash video streams and local content stored on a thumb drive, supports H.264 HD and many other codecs. (Engadget)
New YouTube App for Windows Mobile and Nokia S60 Phones; the site’s new Mobile App version 2.4 adds a new interface that works well with larger screens, among other things. (YouTube Blog)

How to: Build Your Personal Brand on YouTube;
changing a few settings can help you improve your branding. (Mashable)
ISPs, Publishers and Academics Voice Outrage at Digital Economy Bil; plan to disconnect file sharers from Internet causes backlash. (
Donkey-Politician Vid Keeps two Azerbaijani Bloggers in Jail; Adnan Hajizade and Emin Milli lost appeal against 2 and 2.5 year sentences that were motivated by them posting a satirical video online. (Ars Technica)
Your Interview with Prime Minister Stephen Harper; Canada’s prime minister follows Obama’s example by responding to YouTube questions. (YouTube Blog)
OnLive Streaming Video Game Service Launches in June With One Huge Catch; a $15 subscription per month on top of video game rental fees could turn many gamers off. (DVICE)
Can a Mouse Cut the Cable?; a New York Times piece on people ditching cable has analyst Bruce Leichtman musing that cord cutters are “really just a bizarre breed of people, usually in New York or San Francisco, who don’t watch a lot of television in the first place.” (New York Times)

Nearly 300M VoIP Subscribers Seen By 2013

There will be 288 million users of Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) by 2013, says market research firm, In-Stat. Indeed, while so far, VoIP has been driven largely by the likes of cable companies, the next big VoIP boost is going to come from mobile.

Truphone Giving Free Calls on Thanksgiving

The U.S. Thanksgiving holiday is drawing nigh, and the folks at Truphone are giving free calls for the day in celebration of the giving spirit. The promotion runs on Thanksgiving day, Nov. 26, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. EST. All calls to a U.S. mobile or landline will be free to any caller if made with the Truphone application.

“Thanksgiving is a day when family and friends come together to celebrate and catch up across the U.S.”, said Geraldine Wilson, CEO of Truphone. “For those people who can’t get home for the holidays, often because distance is too much, a telephone call to let them know how they are is the next best thing. With this initiative, we are allowing people who can’t be together to catch up on this special day.”

Nimbuzz Takes on Skype, Launches New Calling Service

nimbuzzout.pngNimbuzz, a Netherlands-based VoIP and messaging startup, is introducing a premium calling service called NimbuzzOut. This service is available via an upgrade of its mobile client, which is currently available from the iPhone’s iTunes Apps Store, the Ovi Store and GetJar. So far, Nimbuzz has offered a meta-client that works on PCs, Macs, Symbian, Android and the iPhone and allows you to sign into any IM service including Skype. Read More about Nimbuzz Takes on Skype, Launches New Calling Service