Vid-Biz: 3D TV, News Corp., New Hires

3D TV Not All its Cracked Up to 3Be? Even with a new TV you’ll still need to wear the glasses, and the content becomes unwatchable for those not wearing glasses. (TV by the Numbers)

Fox Interactive Now Called News Corp. Digital Media; new name comes with management shuffling. (paidContent)

Hiring News: AOL hires former YouTube monetization guy, Shashi Seth (release) and Transpera brings Jason Weisberger on board as President and COO. (release) Michael J. Pohl named CEO of Jinni, he was formerly president of C-COR. (release)

Toobla Formally Launches; online bookmarking tool for collecting, playing and sharing web content now available to the general public. (Toobla)

Adobe and Turner Expand Alliance; cable network to adopt Adobe’s video editing products. (release)

Avid Partners with Sorenson Media; Sorenson 5 Squeeze integrated into Avid products, enabling video editing and encoding in one place. (emailed release)

Vid-Biz: Cronkite, Kangaroo, Rex

CBS Streaming Cronkite funeral; has exclusive right to record the memorial service of its esteemed former anchor at 2 p.m. ET today. (stream here)

Arqiva to Acquire Project Kangaroo Assets
; infrastructure company intends to launch a new video-on-demand service in the UK using platform from abandoned video site. (release)

REX – Full Pilot Episode from The REX Team on Vimeo.

Indie Pilot Starring Paris Hilton, Simon Rex Posted Online; Rex looking to build web fan base amidst pitches to networks. (Tubefilter)

Truveo Not a Top Priority for AOL; though new CEO Tim Armstrong wanted the video search site to be one of the company’s top five focuses. (New York Times)

True Blood Brings in HBO Video Viewers; campaign around second season premiere drew video streams up 299 percent, to 6.4 million in June, according to Nielsen. (Nielsen Wire)

Home Wireless Networks Aren’t Yet Ready for Video; service providers still want wired networks, though Broadcom is working on a better chip. (GigaOM)

Watchers OK With Disabling Fast-Forward on VOD; even with full commercial load Cox finds people like convenience of day-after-airing programs. (MediaPost)

The Problem(s) With Measuring Online Video; eMarketer surveys the experts. (eMarketer)

Vid-Biz: Brightcove, Move, Truveo

Brightcove CEO Says Company is Profitable, Cash-Flow Positive; Jeremy Allaire credits the revenue growth, in part, to traction in the enterprise and government verticals. (Business Insider)

What’s Going on With Move Networks? After keeping quiet for a couple of months, company plans to shift strategy to become a wholesale provider of IPTV video services that will be delivered over open broadband networks. (VideoNuze)

Truveo Relaunches in 17 Countries; video search engine goes with a more Google-like look, strikes deal with Univision. (paidContent)

Pirate Bay Founders Sent Court Summons Via Twitter; Dutch entertainment industry group used the micro-blogging service and Facebook because they didn’t know the exact locations of Fredrik Neij, Peter Sunde and Gottfrid Svartholm Warg. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Netflix Adds Streaming Availability Dates; now users can see when a movie in their queue will be available to “Watch Instantly.” (Hacking Netflix)

Turner and PGA Re-Up Through 2019; Turner to continue to manage, and to launch mobile and new media offerings. (Broadcasting & Cable)

MTV Streams The Maxx; cult comic cartoon from the 90s goes online. (The Beat)

Vid-Biz: SlingPlayer, FCC, Web Series

SlingPlayer Mobile for Windows Now on More Devices; 15 new handsets supported, including Sprint Treo 800w, Sony Ericsson X1 and Palm Treo Pro. (Gizmodo)

FCC Releases Maps of Digital TV Coverage; commission says 89 percent of full-power U.S. TV stations will see a net gain of viewers after the switch, while 11 percent will have a net loss. (Broadcasting & Cable)

International Distribution Becoming More Important for Web Series; shows like Prom Queen and Gemini Division heading overseas highlights how web producers are mimicking Hollywood to try and turn a profit. (TVWeek)

Long Tail Won’t Guarantee Hulu Growth; Andrew Wallenstein says the popular premium content site needs to be programmed 12 months a year in order to keep growing. (MediaWeek)

Yes We Can Tops Year-End Viral Video List; Truveo collects the top videos from the past year, among them clips featuring Paris Hilton, Obama and Fred. (Truveo)


Vid-Biz: Baofeng, FeedRoom, Top Searches

Baofeng Gets $15 Million; Chinese video software company that is “like the Brightcove of China” gets funding round led by Matrix Partners China and IDG. (paidContent)

The FeedRoom Acquires ClearStory; white label video provider completes acquisition of digital asset management firm. (emailed release)

Will.I.Am Tops Truveo’s Most-Searched List; Yes We Can the most searched for viral video of 2008, Obama’s victory speech most searched live video moment. (Truveo)

MediaFLO Looking to Expand its Mobile TV; company expects to get a boost from the digital TV transition and is mulling moves to other platforms as well as branded channels like Victoria’s Secret TV. (Broadcasting & Cable)

Actor’s Strike Won’t Impact OldTeeVee Like the Writers’ Strike; many TV shows are covered under the AFTRA union, which already has a deal with the studios. (The L.A. Times)

VCs Still Investing in New Media Ventures; despite economic downturn, money still going to startups in the space, but investors want proof that revenue can be generated. (TVWeek)

The Simpsons Skewers Apple; Lisa falls for all things “Mapple” while Krusty complains you can’t watch movies on a screen that small. (The Apple Blog)

Invision.TV Launches Web Program Guide

With nearly half-a-dozen competitors, the company has a tough climb. McLean, Va.-based Invision is led by former cable industry execs, and built its own crawler, personalization, and social tools. It has 10 employees, and is self-funded.

Business Model for Video Search: No Results

Video search company Blinkx announced tonight a “red-label” search product — which basically sounds like it’s making a self-service version of its white-label deals. The company will give free access to its search engine for sites with fewer than 10,000 searches per day, and ask partners with more searches to split ad revenue. It’s one in a long line of businesses for Blinkx.

Competitor Truveo, meanwhile, sent us an email about a month ago to tell us that it was “starting to monetize” for the first time by running ads. We were a bit taken aback — what had the company been doing to earn its keep for the last three years? It seems after it was bought by AOL it had become of a tech platform for its sugar daddy acquirer, helping power the portal’s video functions.

At one point some search licensing business deals were struck, but then about two years ago Truveo opened its API as a free resource. Since a recent relaunch as a destination video search site, traffic has grown nicely (especially internationally), so the company has just begun putting up advertising, according to Truveo president Pete Kocks. And silly me — I’d been following Truveo for all that time, but I guess I never noticed I hadn’t encountered a single ad.

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Hardly Any Video Apps for Your iPhone

With no officially supported video capture and no Flash, the iPhone’s video options are abnormally limited. And some developers, such as the CEO of mywaves, Rajeev Raman, say they are treading cautiously onto the iPhone out of fear Apple will constrain them in order to push its paid video offerings. (To which Steve Jobs reportedly replied: “He’s right. We will compete.”)

But nonetheless, we scoured the iTunes app store and found a few (a very few — we had to add movie info apps to get to five) video-related iPhone apps.

vSNAX Videos: Watch CBS, Spike, VH1, etc. Made by Rhythm NewMedia. See our original coverage from before WWD. Free.

Truveo Video Search: Search for video that plays on the iPhone. Made by AOL, which acquired Truveo before the big video bang and now makes it available via free APIs. Free.

mDialog: Personal video sharing. Made by mDialog, which we recently mentioned for its partnership with Unicef. Free.

BoxOffice. Movie times, reviews, tickets. Made by Cyrus Najmabadi. Free.

Movies. Show times, trailers, tickets, maps. Made by Jeffrey Grossman. Free.

Of course, if you’d like to jailbreak your phone, you can have a lot more options, including live video streaming.

Truveo: Here’s $100,000 to Help Us Do Our Job

Apparently searching video is really hard, as market leader Truveo today declared a competition to help it find new video search applications. And the prize? $100,000 in cold, hard cash.

The problem with video search is not just difficult technology, but usage habits — or more specifically, the challenge of getting people to use your product. So it makes sense that Truveo would be focusing on “customized applications that use Truveo’s open API,” as it said in a press release announcing the challenge, which is being put on through TopCoder.

The prize money may not be a huge draw, though, considering it will be divvied to death. Nine winners will get $10,000 and 20 more just $500. The deadline is July 21 and the winners will be announced July 31, after factors such as usage statistics, innovation as determined by judges, and community voting are considered.

Entrants also have to give up some rights to enter, such as preventing TopCoder and Truveo from producing, using and promoting what they make.