Greentech stocks rebound, but only partially

After the great market sell-off yesterday, stocks are rebounding slightly on Tuesday, including many of the greentech stocks that took a beating yesterday. But most of them are only up slightly. Here’s the latest:

Tesla to build 100 more Roadsters to meet demand

By now, you’ve probably heard that Tesla is ending its run with its inaugural car the Roadster. But Tesla has also quietly entered into a deal to buy another 100 gliders from Lotus to produce the Roadster.

Tesla Plans to Raise $234M in Second Share Sale

Electric car company Tesla plans to raise $234 million in a combination of a follow-on offering and a private placement. On Friday morning, Tesla priced the 5.3 million shares it plans to offer for its follow-on offering (announced last week) at $28.76 per share.

The Elephant in the Room for Tesla Selling: Daimler

Electric car company Tesla might say publicly that it wants to remain an independent company for growth purposes, but another reason is that auto maker Daimler basically has the right of first refusal when it comes to acquiring the company.

Tesla Could Raise Over $200M in Follow-on Share Sales

Electric car maker Tesla could raise another $214 million in a combination of a follow on public offering and a private placement. The move shows just how much money an electric car maker that is looking to make more mainstream cars needs to scale up.

Tesla’s Revenues, Margins Up, Still Losing Money

To kick off the first quarter of 2011, electric vehicle maker Tesla reported record revenues and gross margins. But given the company won’t be making a profit until well after its second electric car the Model S comes out, Tesla is still losing money every quarter.

Make Your Own Tesla Electric Car At Home

Make your own Tesla electric Roadster from the comfort of your own home with Tesla’s nifty web-based car maker. Now if you could only afford a $100K plus electric car, you’d be all set.

Ultracapacitor Startup Ioxus Raises Funds From NRG, GE

Was Tesla Motor’s CEO Elon Musk on the right track when he said he’d bet on capacitors over batteries for the future of electric cars? A group of high-profile investors seem to think so and have backed ultracapacitor startup Ioxus with $21 million.

Tesla Roadsters Rack Up Collective 10M Miles

Sometimes it’s easy to forget how early electric car startup Tesla was in terms of getting commercial EVs on the roads. Tesla says its Roadsters have driven a collective 10 million miles, which has saved 500,000 gallons of fuel and 5.3 million pounds of carbon emissions.