Electric Motor Maker Remy Files for IPO

Following Tesla Motor’s successful IPO last year, now more hybrid and electric car tech makers are looking to land on the public markets. Remy International, which makes starters, alternators and hybrid and electric motors, has filed for an IPO for up to $100 million.

Tesla’s Losses Soar for 2010

As expected, independent electric vehicle company Tesla Motors saw soaring losses in 2010, according to its earnings report announced Tuesday afternoon. The widened losses are certainly expected from the company, which won’t be selling its next-generation electric car, the Model S, until mid-2012.

Nissan Takes a Page From Tesla, Reveals Electric Sports Car

Nissan looks like it’s taking a page from the electric sports car pioneers at Tesla. This week the Japanese auto maker showed off a concept all electric sports car called the ESFLOW, that uses technology from Nissan’s first electric car the LEAF.

Is Tesla Stock Headed Down Post Lock-Up?

Electric car maker Tesla Motors is about to hit a public company milestone: the company’s 180-day lock-up period is reportedly up on Monday, and some analysts think that means the stock is headed for a major slide.

Fisker Bumps Up Karma Price to Close to $100K

The “other” electric sports car company, Fisker Automotive, has bumped up the price of its inaugural vehicle the Fisker Karma — yet again. According to Green Car Reports, the Fisker Karma will now cost $95,900 for the baseline price.

OMG TSLA: Tesla Stock Soars

Defying gravity, revenues, and profits, electric car maker Tesla Motor’s shares hit a record high on Monday at close to $33. Tesla’s stock started trending up late last week after it’s third quarter earnings report, which showed a quarter loss that was smaller than analysts expected.

Tesla Stock Sinks Below $17 IPO Price

Tesla’s stock has sunk for the first time below its $17 IPO price, shedding more than 16 percent today to close at $16.11. At one point the stock traded as low as $15.83, a significant drop from last week’s peak above $30.