BeeTV: Social TV Meets Recommendations On the iPad

BeeTV is coming out with a new iPad app designed to create more engaging, interactive experiences around TV. Like other social TV apps, BeeTV mixes a combination of checkins and social conversations online. But what sets it apart is its approach to recommendations.

Vid-Biz: Cablevision on the iPad, Viacom Earnings, Tunerfish App

Today on the Net: Cablevision is working on applications that could allow subscribers to watch video on their iPad and other mobile devices, Viacom’s profits surge in the second quarter and Comcast-owned social video firm Tunerfish releases its first mobile app on the iPhone.

Tunerfish Retunes Its Website

Social TV site Tunerfish just pushed a redesign that is set to put more of a focus on helping users find trending shows and videos that their friends and others are watching, with changes to the way show pages are displayed on the site.

Tunerfish Goes Live With Its First Media Partner, HBO

Comcast-owned social TV site Tunerfish is going live today, and it already has a major media company on board to help cross-promote the service. According to a media alert, cable programmer HBO has teamed up with Tunerfish to promote the season premiere of True Blood.

Tunerfish Aims to Chart the Social Graph for Video

A new skunkworks project within Comcast dubbed Tunerfish is almost ready to launch with a new website and mobile applications aimed at using game mechanics to chart the social graph for video by enticing users to share what they’re watching with their friends.