Why we need social media: Press freedom is still declining rapidly

The latest global index from Reporters Without Borders shows that freedom of the press is in decline in a majority of the countries surveyed — including the United States — which makes alternative forms of media such as Twitter more important than ever

How social media affects protest movements: It’s complicated

In a new research paper, sociologist Zeynep Tufekci argues that while social media can empower dissidents and make it easier to organize, governments are getting smarter — and the same things that make such tools useful also have a downside

Twitter fights Turkish order to block newspaper’s Twitter account

Twitter says it plans to fight a court order from the Turkish government that is trying to force the company to block or remove the account belonging to a Turkish newspaper, after the paper tweeted information the authorities say could compromise national security

Facebook is bowing to more government censorship requests

The number of official takedown requests that Facebook has consented to in Pakistan has ballooned by 1,000 percent in the past year — and free-speech advocates say the social network is too quick to cave in to government demands for censorship

Turkish court orders lifting of blanket YouTube ban

On Thursday Turkey lifted its ban on Twitter(s twtr) and on Friday the same looks set to happen regarding YouTube(s goog) — sort of. According to reports, an Ankara court decided that blocking the whole of YouTube was overdoing it; the court said only 15 contentious videos should remain blocked. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdo?an reportedly said he would grudgingly comply. His social media crackdown followed multiple leaks of purported evidence showing corruption all the way to the top of the Turkish administration, though the YouTube ban may have been triggered by a leaked phonecall in which officials discussed possible military action in Syria.