eBay’s Crossroads: Turn Around or Break Up

The thing about corporate turnarounds is that they’re supposed to turn a company around — as in 180 degrees — not stop halfway and let the company drift sideways. But something like that is happening to eBay: Its long, slow turnaround is, well, turning flat.

eBay’s Turnaround Is in Jeopardy — What Now?

What happens when your turnaround takes an about-face? Although eBay CEO John Donahoe has implemented changes to drive new business in the company’s core marketplace division, it’s looking like he needs to come up with some additional new ways to bring consumers back to the site.

The Case for an AOL Renaissance

Now that AOL has been spun off from Time-Warner, it can write a new chapter for itself. If AOL does several key things right, it has a chance of being successful again. We look at some opportunities, along with the risks each one entails.

The New eBay: Bland, But Thriving

ebay1The past week was one of the best eBay (s ebay) has seen in a long time. AT&T (s t) said it will soon allow VoIP calls over its 3G network, a move that will boost Skype’s allure as eBay moves to sell it. And a federal appeals court dismissed patent claims against the voice, video and messaging application. But more importantly, evidence is emerging that the long, awkward and painful turnaround of the marketplace business is really underway. Read More about The New eBay: Bland, But Thriving