TV networks getting that sinking feeling

The networks generally insist that marketers are simply being cautious and that ad spending will ultimately pick up, but investors and analysts are clearly growing skeptical.

Amazon’s power move in the living room

With 2GB of RAM and a dedicated GPU watching Amazon’s FireTV will be much more like watching traditional linear TV, with little latency between remote control inputs and response, and relative ease in switching between “channels.”

Broadcasters not getting with the program

Even under C7, the networks would still be selling ads as if scripted, scheduled TV shows were still essentially one-time, live events where the program itself serves as a proxy for a particular audience.

A moment of truth for pay-TV providers

While CBS was winning its fights over distribution fees with Time Warner Cable it’s looking increasingly vulnerable in what used to be considered the core piece of its business: prime time programming.

The new king of TV ratings: Twitter

Twitter is now a two-way street for NBC: a platform for syndicating content, and a platform for driving eyeballs back to the network.

TV goes mobile

The existing TV ecosystem rests on two revenue pillars: advertising and distribution (i.e. carriage and retransmission) fees. Cracking the incumbents hold on the system will requiring disrupting or undermining one or both of those revenue streams.

Twitter iOS app redesign focuses on TV, photos

Twitter is working on a redesigned iOS experience that will put a much bigger focus on media consumption, according to a report filed by AllThingsD’s Mike Isaac. The new app will come with a dedicated column for photos shared through the service, and possibly also do the same for TV-related tweets and videos. This makes a lot of sense for the company: Twitter has been working a lot behind the scenes to integrate with TV, and TV ad dollars will play a big role in Twitter’s upcoming IP.

Apple and ad-skipping

Lots of TV viewers skip ads now; all that’s needed is a DVR. So it’s hard to see why that capability would be considered a “premium” feature.

More retrans fights ahead

According to a new analysis out this morning from London-based ZenithOptimedia broadcaster networks are likely to see a 2 percent dip in ad revenue this year.