Dijit’s new NextGuide tries to reinvent the TV guide on the iPad

Dijit is reinventing itself as a social TV guide with a new iPad app dubbed NextGuide that mixes live TV recommendations with results from Netflix and Hulu. The app is based on lessons it learned with its previous second-screen remote control application.

TVGuide.com’s new iOS app: social TV for the mainstream

What do you do when the world of TV is changing, but you represent a brand that stands for continuity? TVGuide.com’s new iOS app tries to bridge that divide by sticking with the good old grid guide, and augmenting it with a personalized watchlist.

Boxfish’s new TV guide iPad app is like crack for news junkies

Ever wanted to know exactly which TV network is talking about a certain topic right now? Boxfish’s new iPad app has got you covered: The company indexes the closed captioning data from 3,600 TV stations in real time and presents it in a Twitter-like fashion.

TVGuide.com buys online programming guide Fav.tv

TVGuide.com has bought Fav.tv in a deal that’s been described as an acqui-hire. The Fav.tv team will join TVGuide.com to strengthen its mobile strategy. One of the first tasks for the new hires: Make TvGuide.com’s personalized Watchlist recommendations a centerpiece of its mobile apps.

GetGlue’s next iPad app aims to reinvent the TV guide

GetGlue announced a new $12 million round of funding Wednesday, and the company has big plans for the money: It plans to launch a new version of its iPad app in Q1 of this year that will be a personalized take on the TV Guide.

Online video consumption moves from minutes to hours

Close to three percent of online video viewers watch more than 24 hours of online video per week, according to a new survey. And 62 percent of users profess that they are watching more video online than just a year ago, according to a similar study.

Does online buzz equal real-world ratings? It’s complicated

Most word of mouth still occurs in face-to-face situations, but social media has emerged as a powerful tool for getting the word out about shows. Even so, until now there’s been some debate about how effective social media actually is in creating a ratings lift.