Netflix looks to kids to make its UI more fun

Netlix recently posted a job opening for a UI designer specialized on kids websites and online games. Does the video giant plan to launch a separate website dedicated to its large library of kids content, or will the entire Netflix UI become a bit more kid-friendly?

Can news publishers learn anything from Netflix?

Netflix is using price hikes to manage the transition of users away from the physical product and towards digital streaming. While there are some similarities between that and the newspaper business, publishers shouldn’t get their hopes up too much about copying the Netflix model.

Netflix hires Reddit Chief Architect: Will outages end?

Former Reddit Chief Architect Jeremy Edberg will be joining Netflix to lead a new team focused on cloud reliability. And the move couldn’t come soon enough, as Netflix suffered another period of downtime Sunday evening that left users with spotty service for up to eight hours.

So Happy Together! NBC Finds People Are “Co-Viewing” Online

Not only are more people catching up on episodes of missed TV programs online, but they are also “co-viewing” those shows online, according to findings from a new NBC (s GE) intercept survey of its full-episode player, NBC Rewind.
We’ve know for a while that people use network web sites to catch up on missed episodes or even as an outright replacement for TV, and NBC found visitors used Rewind more heavily in the fourth quarter of 2008 vs. the same time period a year prior. And 94 percent of visitors said they “always or usually watched” the entire episode of a show on Rewind.
More interesting, however, was data about what went on outside of the computer. More than half of visitors surveyed during the fourth quarter of 2008 co-viewed an episode at some point. Of those co-viewers, 30 percent “always or usually watch” with someone else. Part and parcel with that finding, visitors in the fourth quarter of 2008 were also more likely to watch shows on a desktop computer in their office, den or living room. That’s a shift from the third quarter of 2008, when they said they watched on laptops and in their bedroom.
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