Who’s afraid of Google fiber? Time Warner for starters.

Time Warner Cable and I have something in common — we both want to figure out details on Google’s fiber-to-the-home deployment in Kansas City. TWC, which provides broadband access in Kansas City, is fishing for details on the Google deployment and is willing to pay for tips.

Broadband Caps: Maybe It’s Not Just About TV

Broadband caps have become a reality at many large ISPs. Protecting the pay TV business is a rationale for caps, but as connected devices proliferate and bandwidth needs skyrocket, consumers may find those caps harder to live with and operators may find them more profitable.

Vid Biz: DirecTV, Logitech, Roku

Today on the Net: DirecTV is getting more expensive, Inception is getting a lot of interest on torrent sites and porn downloaders aren’t getting sued.

Barnes & Noble Pushes Update for Nook

Nook owners are getting a surprise from Barnes & Noble in the form of a major software update. Version 1.3 has the standard bug fixes and performance enhancements, and also adds some new features to the Nook. Reading free e-books in the stores is now possible.

Finally, a PSA for Geeks

Connect a Million Minds, a $100 million initiative from Time Warner Cable that tries to hook kids up with after-school activities that promote math and science, has released a public service announcement showing geeks as, well, if not the inheritors of the Earth, certainly its rulers.