Zeebox boss says smart TV is a dumb idea

Is the trend for smart TVs that connect to the Web and run apps a big mistake? Anthony Rose, the co-founder of hot social TV app Zeebox, took to the stage at MIPCube to suggest the future of television lies somewhere very different.

Tweek.tv’s social TV guide comes to the iPad

Tweek’s ‘next-generation TV guide’ unites different islands of online film and TV content with curation provided by Facebook’s social graph. Now it’s launching an iPad app for European users to try and convince more people to pick it up.

Tweek.tv wants to be your social TV guide

Tweek.tv wants to become your social TV guide and recommend interesting movies, TV shows and web content based on the things your friends have liked on Facebook. The German startup is emerging from stealth mode today and also announcing a first round of funding.