Loren Brichter: Designs on the future of iOS apps

Before he was 25, he’d invented what is now one of the most ubiquitous iOS app features around. At 28, Loren Brichter is continuing to push the boundaries of what an app can do. We sat down and talked about his future and that of iOS.

Twitter for Mac Review: The Bird Is Back

A new version of popular Twitter client Tweetie is finally here, launching today alongside Apple’s new Mac App Store. The updated application comes with a new, more official, name: Twitter for Mac. So, are the various changes to this highly popular application worth getting excited about?

InstaGone: Using Filters with Tweetie for Mac

If, like me, you’re still using Tweetie for Mac despite it being terribly out of date and if, like me, you’re growing increasingly weary of the never ending flow of orange-tinted hipster Instagrams showing up in your timeline, here’s a little tip that will help.

Is Your Twitter App Shaping Your Social Media Presence?

Recently, I’ve been trying different Twitter clients. Obviously different applications have different features and capabilities, but I was surprised by the difference in focus between these tools; I began to wonder if the tools we use shape our expectations of how we can use the service.

Official Twitter App Now Live in App Store

Twitter for iPhone is here, and those of you who already have Tweetie 2 installed on your phone can get it just by checking the App Store for updates. It brings with it a new icon, some UI refinements, and a few new features.

Flickr4Twitter: Send Photos to Twitter and Flickr

Twitter’s most powerful — and largely unintended — success has been the ecosphere of third-party clients, applications, extensions and plugins that the service has enabled. One of the most ubiquitous extensions is Twitpic, a service that lets users post photos directly from their phones and computers to the web. Twitpic has enabled a form of photo-journalism that’s immediate and direct, but the service itself remains unsophisticated, lacking tools for analytics, location, sharing, archiving or metadata.

I have always wanted to post my Twitter photos to an existing, richer photo sharing site: Flickr (s yhoo). Recently, I’ve been trying out Steven Haddox‘s Flickr4Twitter, a service that does just that — and should be useful for budding photojournalists, nano-bloggers and celebrity spotters with Read More about Flickr4Twitter: Send Photos to Twitter and Flickr

Must-have iPhone and iPod Touch Apps For Newbies

It’s WebWorkerDaily’s fault that I’ve bought an iPod touch (s aapl). (That’s my excuse, anyway.) As I looked at potential subjects to write about, I kept seeing cool apps, and I need to be able to test them, right?

But why not buy an iPhone, or a Palm Pre, which I’d had my eye on for several months? The Pre seems to be a good phone, but it doesn’t yet have the apps that the iPhone does. And the monthly fees for Pre service are considerably higher than what I’m paying now. The iPhone’s monthly fees are even higher, and many folks I’ve talked to don’t find it to be a very good phone.

So, keeping my current phone and buying an iPod touch seemed like a good compromise. I can get good Wi-Fi coverage in most areas where I live, so I’ll be able to go online, even without the phone function.

Many of my WWD colleagues already have iPhones. Aliza has recently written about good apps for web workers. Dawn’s shared her favorites, too. But with the holidays coming up, here are some of my ideas for apps to put on that brand-new iPhone or iPod touch: Read More about Must-have iPhone and iPod Touch Apps For Newbies

Mine Twitter’s Wealth in 15 Minutes a Day

Twitter _ HomeThere is never enough time in the day to keep up with the constant barrage of social media. Take Twitter, for example. Almost daily I have clients and colleagues ask me “Isn’t Twitter really a waste of time?” and “I hear Twitter is losing users faster than they’re gaining them, so why should I join?” The rest of us who are on Twitter — even those of us who have been using it for years — are still figuring out how to best fit Twitter into our overall communications toolkit.

So how do you keep from “wasting” time on Twitter? Here’s my advice on how to spend no more than 15 minutes a day on your Twitter account but still reap the rewards, particularly for your work. This is not a good tactic for everyone, but if you or someone you know is very resistant to Twitter and simply needs a manageable plan for tweeting, you can try this at work or home. Read More about Mine Twitter’s Wealth in 15 Minutes a Day