Tweetie 2: The Complete iPhone Preview


The sequel to Tweetie, the Twitter client that earned itself the much-coveted Apple Design Award earlier this year, is on its way to the App Store as you read this.

For the past few weeks I’ve been part of Loren Brichter‘s Tweetie 2 beta program, testing out new features as the former Apple (s aapl) engineer constructed his new Twitter client.

Brichter has rebuilt Tweetie from the ground-up. The sequel incorporates features such as app persistence, offline mode, drafts, threaded conversations, landscape support and much more.

Read on for an in-depth look at what to expect from Tweetie 2.
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Apple Design Award 2009 Winners


Apple (s aapl) announced the winners of the 2009 Apple Design Awards last night at a special ceremony hosted by John Geleynse, director of Software Technology Evangelism, and Shann Pruden, senior director for Developer Relations. These awards are an annual affair to recognize “technical excellence, innovation, and outstanding achievement in iPhone and Mac software development.”

The depth and breadth of submissions has been accelerating, as interest in the Mac and iPhone has picked up over the last few years. As a point of comparison, the iPhone awards last year were handed out to early pre-release apps because the App Store had not even launched yet. There were about 1,700 web apps in Apple’s online directory, and this year there are over 4,000 web apps and more than 50,000 native apps available in the iTunes App Store.

Rather than being split out into categories for best game, best user experience, best application, and so on as has been the practice in past years, this year’s awards were simply organized into Mac and iPhone showcases. Here are the 2009 winners. Read More about Apple Design Award 2009 Winners

Tweetie for Mac Update: Now With Video Tweeting


Tweetie for Mac, big brother to the game-changing iPhone Twitter client of the same name, is shaking things up again with the desktop app’s latest update.

The update incorporates a range of smaller fixes and tweaks, including swipe gestures and improved URL-shortening. However, the big news is that Tweetie for Mac now incorporates video tweeting.

Video means that we can start creating richer tweets. The 140-character limit is all well and good, but for me, the idea of capturing moments on video has already set the sparks of inspiration flashing around my brain-box.

To give you an example, here’s a quick tweet I made yesterday, testing out Tweetie’s video upload: Me! Live! Playing Sigur Rós on glockenspiel, just for you.” Read More about Tweetie for Mac Update: Now With Video Tweeting

Twitterific 2.0 For iPhone Released


There was a time in distant memory when Twitterific was my iPhone Twitter client of choice. I loved it, too. The look, the function, the icon, everything was great.

Over time, my Twitter usage changed, and Twitterific was no longer meeting my needs. So, when Tweetie came on the scene and provided a lot of the features I was missing (built-in Twitter search, follow/unfollow abilities, easy account switching), I followed Olly’s advice and jumped ship. I haven’t looked back since.

Twitterific (iTunes link) today gave me a reason to look back, since their 2.0 update has gone live in the App Store. The new version brings all kinds of great new features, like follow/unfollow, full profile view, threaded conversations displayed on their own page, integrated Twitter search and trending topics, and a nice UI overhaul. Basically, it brings everything it was missing to the table, making it a much better client for heavy/advanced Twitter users, especially if you manage multiple accounts. Read More about Twitterific 2.0 For iPhone Released

Tweetie for Mac: Better Web Worker Solution?

Today marks the highly-anticipated release of Tweetie for the Mac by atebits, developer of the iPhone version of the same app. Tweetie has enjoyed tremendous success on the iPhone, and for my money is far and away the best mobile client for my web workflow. Which is why I was first in line to download the new Mac client it this A.M. and see if it might be an improvement over Nambu, my current desktop Twitter solution. Olly Farshi over at our sister site TheAppleBlog has a full review, but I wanted to look at it specifically with web work in mind.

Tweetie: Now in Tasty Mac Desktop Flavor


Get your tweet on and shake your verbs, Tweetie — the much-celebrated iPhone (s aapl) Twitter client — has hit the Mac OS X desktop.

As regular readers will know, I adore my iPhone and I’m an avid tweeter. A few months back, I weighed the options and, despite there being an array of free alternatives, the iPhone version of Tweetie, available for $2.99, was my favorite Twitter client.
Over on Twitter there’s been some serious buzz surrounding the release of the desktop version of Tweetie. Available now, either for $14.99 or as a free ad-supported version, Tweetie for Mac blends a streamlined user interface with a host of essential features, including multiple account support, threaded conversations, URL shortening and image uploads. Read More about Tweetie: Now in Tasty Mac Desktop Flavor

Tweetie Update Blocked by Apple for Twitter’s Potty-Mouth


Maybe Apple’s (s aapl) iPhone app review process is actually partially automated, because I can see no other good reason for having rejected the latest update of Tweetie (1.3) for objectionable content. The offending word (the F-bomb, in case you were wondering) would normally merit that kind of treatment, but considering the circumstances, it seems like a pretty ridiculous move on Apple’s part.

The word came up in a Twitter trends search, which, as those of us familiar with the popular micro-blogging service know, is well beyond the control of Tweetie’s developers. For those of you not familiar with Twitter or trends, when enough people mention the same thing, it shows up as a trending topic in Twitter’s search page, or in apps that use Twitter’s API. It would be a little like blaming Google for the contents of their search results. Read More about Tweetie Update Blocked by Apple for Twitter’s Potty-Mouth

Tweetie Gets Major Update, Brings Much to the Table

A little while ago, our own Olly Farshi took a number of full-featured Twitter apps for the iPhone and iPod touch platform out for a spin, comparing each by features in a convenient table. His declared winner at the time? Relative newcomer Tweetie ($2.99, App Store), whose list of features blew competitors out of the water. At the time, fellow TAB writer Weldon Dodd brought up the valid complaint that Tweetie doesn’t remember where you were in the tweet stream on relaunch.

Today, Tweetie got a major update, which not only brings stream position memory on launch and refresh, but a long list of other improvements as well. Version 1.2 of the software brings lots of integration with outside apps and services, for instance, including Instapaper, for pictures, and StockTwits linking.
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