YouTube Takes Down Twilight Eclipse: The 8-Bit Interactive Game

Twilight Eclipse: The 8-Bit Interactive Game, a popular series of interactive YouTube videos that blended Twilight themes with 1980s 8-Bit graphics, has been taken down by YouTube based on a DMCA request by Summit Entertainment, the company that holds the movie rights of the Twilight Franchise.

Twilight Vs. Vlogger Alex Day: No Contest

[show=alexday size=large]Confession: I make fun of the ever-so-slightly-popular teen vampire book series Twilight a lot, but all of my information is second-hand, because I decided a long time ago to never actually read the books. Alex Day has made me feel pretty good about this decision.
A British musician/vlogger who’s gotten over 12.5 million views on YouTube (s GOOG) since 2006 (Wikitubia credits him with introducing the “vlog tag game”), Day has been very very slowly reading and reviewing the first book in Stephenie Meyer’s magnum opus since October 2009 — chapter by chapter.
Day is incredibly charming (when asked who I was watching today, I miiiiiiiiiight have referred to him as “my new secret online video boyfriend” — sorry, Internet James Franco), and his gleeful dislike of the series is addictive. Read More about Twilight Vs. Vlogger Alex Day: No Contest

Twilight Super Fan Isn’t Bothered By the Haters

Here are just some of the first comments I saw yesterday on the Youtube (s GOOG) user page of nuttymadam3575:

“OH GOD? IT’S AN ABOMINATION.”/”fat f–k.?”/”i hate you. you insulted kristen stewart so? i HATE YOU.”/”You made me laugh so? much xD”/”Kill yourself? you fat mess.”/”you don’t deserve? to live.” / “Go to you hell you? f–king useless wh—.” / “please god have some mercy and just kill me quickly then at least? i have a quick and sudden death. life’s not worth living with noises like that around.”

The noises that this last commenter is referring to are the screams of Emma Clark, a 23-year-old Twilight fan whose filmed reaction (embedded below) to the just-released trailer for Twilight: Eclipse went viral yesterday, reaching over 136,000 views in less than 24 hours and dominating YouTube on a global scale.
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StatShot: Show Tunes and Face Punches Rule Twitter

Sectionals! Regionals! Will the Glee madness ever stop? Not on Twitter, according to recent stats from Trendrr, where Glee continued to top the charts as the most talked-about show for what feels like the 100th week in a row. It’s so predictable that we don’t even publish the chart anymore, but all you Gleeks will be happy to know that you sent a total of 144,601 Twitter posts throughout the week.

So how do you compete with the show tune phenomenon? Apparently by kicking or punching people in the face.

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Redbox Signs Two Distribution Agreements, Will Destroy New Moon

RedboxWalmartPhotoRedbox, the DVD rental kiosk company, today announced that it has signed two new, separate two-year distribution agreements with Summit Entertainment and NCircle Entertainment. The deals will bring hits like Twilight and New Moon from Summit as well as children’s entertainment from NCircle such as Sid the Science Kid and The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That!.
Normally, we wouldn’t do a full-blown post about a distribution agreement, but Redbox found itself at the center of a home video maelstrom earlier this year. The company’s $1-per-night movie rentals have raised a stink in Hollywood with studios polarized about Rexbox’s business model. Summit and NCircle join Sony (s sne), Disney (s dis) and Lionsgate on Team Redbox, but biggies like Warner Bros. (s TWX), Universal (s GE) and Fox (s NWSA) are embroiled in legal battles with the kiosk company. Paramount (s VIA) is somewhere in the middle and taking a “try before it buys” approach.
Having Summit entertainment’s Twilight franchise ensures that teenage girls will swarm the machines, but fans might just burst into vampire tears when they learn that as part of the deal, Redbox will destroy Summit’s product once Redbox is done with it, eliminating the possibility of those discs being sold into the aftermarket discount bins and giving Summit more control over its content.
We’ll be talking with Redbox at length during a special fireside chat at our upcoming NewTeeVee Live conference on Nov. 12 to find out more about agreements like this, and more broadly how Redbox is disrupting the home video landscape. Redbox joins a packed roster of speakers including Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix; Amy Banse, president of Comcast Interactive; Quincy Smith, president of CBS Interactive, and much more. Get your tickets today!

How MTV Turns a TV Show Into an Online Event

For awards shows, MTV’s (s VIA.B) VMAs and Movie Awards often have very little to do with artistic achievement. It’s really more about the spectacle. And we all know the web loves a good spectacle.

Following last weekend’s installment of the MTV Movie Awards, had 13.1 million video streams on Monday. That was up 165 percent from day-after viewing in 2008. Some 71 percent of’s 3.3 million Monday visitors watched video from the show.

MTV can place some pretty good bets on what will draw attention to its semi-annual glitzy freak fests. For instance, it got Britney Spears, at the height of her meltdown in 2007, to perform at the VMAs, and Sunday it enabled a skimpily dressed Sasha Baron Cohen to descend from the ceiling onto Eminem’s lap at the Movie Awards.

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