5 things I learned at AngelHack

If you’ve never been to a hackathon, give it a shot even if you can’t stick it out for the full ride. AngelHack Boston entrants started coding at noon on Saturday and finished 30 hours later. I was there for 10. Here’s what I learned.

Twilio lets iOS app makers add VoIP as a feature

Twilio, the cloud communications platform, is arming app makers with the ability to add Voice over IP features to their iOS apps. With a new Twilio Client for iOS, the company is making it easy for any app with connectivity to incorporate Skype-like functionality.

Twilio raises $17M to expand communications platform worldwide

Twilio, a cloud communication platform powering a wide array of apps, is capping off a huge year of growth with $17 million in Series funding from existing investors Union Square Ventures and Bessemer Ventures. The new money will be used to continue Twilio’s worldwide expansion.

Appcelerator opens a market for mobile back-end services

Appcelerator has built up a community of 1.5 million developers that have used its cross-platform development tool to build more than 25,000 apps for iOS, Android and BlackBerry. Now it’s looking to turn that community into a selling opportunity by launching a marketplace for software modules.

Twilio embraces VoIP as the phone network fades away

Twilio, which provides a service so companies and web services can add voice or SMS to their menu of options, now will offer developers the option to use all IP communications as well as the old-school phone and mobile networks.

What Amazon and Its Customers Must Learn From Last Week’s Outage

Opinion on Amazon Web Services recent outage remains somewhat divided: One side blames Amazon for its technical failings; the other holds the cloud giant’s customers responsible for their bad judgment. But the answer to where the primary responsibility lies is a little less black and white.

Need a VoIP Cloud? Just Whistle & Roll Your Own

If there’s a cloud for compute, for storage and any other variation under the sun why shouldn’t there be a VoIP cloud to deliver telephony over the Internet? With the launch of Whistle, the 2600 Hertz Project will make building a VoIP cloud cheaper and easier.

AppSumo Offers Discounted Bundle for “Lean Startups”

We’ve written before about software bundles, which have become increasingly popular. Similarly, AppSumo has put together a bundle of SaaS products that will appeal to “lean startups,” timed to coincide with the SxSW Interactive event that has just started in Austin, TX.