TWiT starts broadcasting at new studio

Leo Laporte and his TWiT team made the move to their new studio on Sunday, taking the next big step toward turning the podcast network into a 24/7 live technology network. The launch came with a lot of behind-the-scenes info about what makes TWiT run.

Bootstrapping the CNN of tech: the story of TWiT

Many still view TWiT as a podcast network, but Leo Laporte and his CEO Lisa Kentzell have big ambitions for live video streaming. The duo gave us a tour of their new studio and talked about the virtues of bootstrapping and their plans for TWiT.

Leo Laporte’s TWiT Making Millions From Ads and Fans

A recent LA Times profile of “Chief TWiT” Leo Laporte reveals how much fun Laporte seems to be having as a professional podcaster — and also reveals that TWiT may make up to $3 million in revenue in 2010, thanks in part to crowdsourcing.