Who’s winning in Twitter photos? Hint: Not Yfrog or Lockerz

When Twitter debuted its native photo-sharing feature earlier this year, some people worried that it would harm the existing ecosystem of third-party photo sharing apps. New data indicates that those concerns were well justified: Twitter now powers 45 percent of the photos shared on its site.

On Twitter (and elsewhere), Instagram Growth Zooms

Instagram, a San Francisco-based photo-oriented social network is the fastest growing photo sharing service on Twitter, according to data collected by Skylines, a real time photo search startup. And no, Instagram is not killing Twitpic and Yfrog just yet.

Photos Are Great, But Will They Help Twitter Make Money?

Twitter is expected to offer a photo-sharing feature soon, something that seems so obvious it should have been added a long time ago. While this will spark renewed concerns about Twitter bulldozing its ecosystem, the big question is whether it will help Twitter monetize its network.

Flickr4Twitter: Send Photos to Twitter and Flickr

Twitter’s most powerful — and largely unintended — success has been the ecosphere of third-party clients, applications, extensions and plugins that the service has enabled. One of the most ubiquitous extensions is Twitpic, a service that lets users post photos directly from their phones and computers to the web. Twitpic has enabled a form of photo-journalism that’s immediate and direct, but the service itself remains unsophisticated, lacking tools for analytics, location, sharing, archiving or metadata.

I have always wanted to post my Twitter photos to an existing, richer photo sharing site: Flickr (s yhoo). Recently, I’ve been trying out Steven Haddox‘s Flickr4Twitter, a service that does just that — and should be useful for budding photojournalists, nano-bloggers and celebrity spotters with Read More about Flickr4Twitter: Send Photos to Twitter and Flickr

Seesmic Releases New Features for Its Desktop App

seesmicSeesmic has unveiled new features to its desktop application, which helps you manage your Facebook and Twitter accounts, including the ability for users to set up a column to follow Facebook Fan pages, making it easier to keep track of favorite celebrities, sports teams and brands. Additionally, administrators of Facebook Fan pages can now manage the pages they’re in charge of within Seesmic. But what caught our eye is Seesmic’s new partnership with YFrog, which will become the application’s default picture-posting service. (URL-shortening service Bit.ly announced a partnership with YFrog in August.) Seesmic CEO Loic LeMeur said the company’s iPhone application should be available next month. Read More about Seesmic Releases New Features for Its Desktop App

Tiny Twitter Gets Even Better

I’ve always found Tiny Twitter to be an outstanding mobile Twitter client, and with its latest release it has gained some new features that make it even better. I’ve raved about Tiny Twitter in the past and now it is even more useful.

New features include auto uploading of photos to Twitpic along with your tweet, and a hook into a GPS if available to provide location services. I’m particularly pleased with the Twitpic integration options as I have never really taken full advantage of the camera on my mobile. Being able to snap a quick photo and do a quick tweet makes it really simple to capture and share those moments. Look for more photos from me moving forward.

Tiny Twitter is a free download and works on many mobile devices.

How do you access Twitter from your mobile?

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