Twitter buys SnappyTV, the startup that’s made many of its video cards

Twitter (S TWTR) has acquired San Francisco-based video sharing startup SnappyTV, both companies announced Thursday without spilling any beans about the financials of the deal. You may have never heard of SnappyTV, but chances are, you’ve seen some of its work on Twitter before: SnappyTV has helped Turner to share March Madness clips in near-realtime, and also powered the video cards of numerous other TV networks. With the acquisition, Twitter obviously wants to bolster its own media chops, but the company promised Thursday that SnappyTV customers will continue to be able to share media on Facebook (S FB) and elsewhere as well.

Is Twitter heading toward a future in video?

A tweet from Twitter CEO Dick Costolo Wednesday morning hinted that Twitter could be interested in moving toward a future in shareable video, possibly through Vine, the company Twitter acquired earlier this fall. So where is the company headed with video?

What the Instagram fight says about Twitter as a media platform

Instagram says it is removing the ability for Twitter to embed photos because it wants users to go to its own website instead of Twitter’s to see that content. Other media companies should probably also be asking themselves similar questions about their relationship with Twitter.