Twitter’s data grants and the proprietary data conundrum

Twitter is offering up access to its entire corpus of tweets to a select group of researchers through a new data grant program. But the program raises a simmering question over whether such valuable data shouldn’t be more open in the first place.

Gnip adds search API to its Twitter data service

Gnip, one of a handful of companies with direct access to the Twitter firehose, is now letting its customers query 30 days worth of tweets via a new search API. CEO Chris Moody describes it as fast delivery on small data.

How to handle a firehose: An interview with DataSift’s CTO

DataSift raised another $15 million in venture capital, bringing its total investment to nearly $30 million. In this video from Structure: Europe, DataSift Founder and CTO Nick Halstead describes how the company handles the firehose of social media data it receives.

DataSift funding shows Twitter’s firehose is worth big bucks

Underneath Twitter’s fun and trendy public image, the data streamed through the microblogging service is apparently worth some big bucks. DataSift, one of only two companies authorized to re-syndicate Twitter’s content using its “firehose,” on Monday announced a $6 million venture capital funding round.