Twitvid raises $6.5M to boost video on Twitter

Twitvid has raised a Series B of $6.5 million and plans to use the money to hire more people and build out its infrastructure. The company has managed to stick around while others gave up. But can it compete with a likely video play from Twitter?

Is Facebook Video Chat the Future of Social Media?

As social networking becomes more mobile and as next-generation mobile broadband technologies increase the amount of bandwidth available to mobile devices, video will be the most natural mode of social communication. Status updates spelled out in letters may become the minority before very long.

Quick Pick: Upload Videos to Flickr With Mobile Fotos


I have been using Mobile Fotos since its initial release for uploading photos to Flickr. It’s both easy to use and powerful. However, since purchasing the iPhone 3GS, the one feature I’ve been really excited about is uploading videos to Flickr without using email. Prior to the recent software update, if you wanted to upload videos to Flickr you had to email them to your Flickr specific email address, or email them to your computer and use software or the Flickr web site to upload.

Adding video recording and uploading functionality makes this the ultimate Flickr app. The iPhone’s (s aapl) API allows Mobile Fotos to not only record and upload, but also trim videos exactly like the built-in Photos app.
Uploading photos and videos in Mobile Fotos has all of the options one would expect: title, description, tags, privacy controls and location. Below are two screenshots from the app’s thorough upload process. Read More about Quick Pick: Upload Videos to Flickr With Mobile Fotos

Vid-Biz: White Label, iPlayer, TwitVid

Brightcove Manages News Corp.’s Latin America Hulu-like Site; company oversees 800+ hours of premium Spanish and Portuguese content for Mundo Fox online (why didn’t Fox have Hulu do it?). (Contentinople) Elsewhere in the world of white-label video, Delve Networks Released its Self-Service Platform; companies can now manage and publish video content to their sites on their own. (emailed release)

Report: Teens Trade in Live TV for iPlayer; well-read report from a 15-year-old intern at Morgan Stanley in Europe details young people’s use of technology and entertainment. (Bloomberg)

TwitVid Launches iPhone App; software lets you record a video, write a Tweet and post it to your Twitter account using the iPhone 3GS. (VentureBeat)

Online Still an Afterthought for TV Ad Buyers; despite the growth in online ad spending, advertisers and ad agencies remain hesitant about shelling out for something they still see as experimental; plus there isn’t an upfront-like organizational sales structure. (paidContent)

The NYT Shows How Howcast Works; how-to video site has more than 100,000 videos on its site and generated 20 million views across its network last month. (The New York Times)

Star Wars Uncut Asks Fans to Re-Shoot the Movie; it’s sci-fi sweding as fans called dibs on different 15-second increments to recreate the film from homemade scratch. (io9)

Adventures of One Eskimo Mixes Music and Online Video; the “visual album” from the band One Eskimo to come in 10 installments that feature a song and accompanying animated storyline. (Video Business)