Governments get behind agile working

Next week at Net:Work in San Francisco, tech geeks and forward-thinking business folks will gather to discuss the untethered, agile future of work. But apparently it’s not just these private actors that are cheerleading these changes; several governments are getting behind the idea too.

Facebook Bows to Canada Over Privacy Concerns

facebook-logoFacebook has been in hot water with Canada over how it protects user data, and the country’s privacy commissioner, Jennifer Stoddart, is set to announce at a news conference tomorrow that the company plans to comply with the government’s privacy concerns. Last month, Stoddart said that the social network breached Canada’s privacy law by holding onto users’ information even after they deactivated their accounts. She also cited concerns with Facebook’s default privacy settings and asked whether the company shares user data with third-party application developers. Read More about Facebook Bows to Canada Over Privacy Concerns