China may have most active iOS, Android devices by early 2013

The only thing preventing this from happening sooner is the upcoming gift-giving frenzy of iPad minis, Nexus 7 and Kindle Fires in the U.S. China still doesn’t have the iPhone 5 or new iPad mini, but some carriers will start carrying the new iPhone next month.

Why WikiLeaks is worth defending, despite all of its flaws

Most of the recent attention around WikiLeaks has been focused on the legal issues surrounding its controversial founder, Julian Assange. But we shouldn’t let that blind us to what the organization has accomplished and the critical role it plays as a “stateless news organization.”

Detained by U.S. Customs: Some thoughts about the future of work

Being detained by U.S. Customs on my way to San Francisco for a conference on the future of work got me thinking about way that many people work now has changed in ways that make the job of governments — and border agents — a lot more complicated.

More smartphones now sold in China than in U.S.

Smartphone adoption may be high in the U.S. but overall smartphone sales are highest in China, with Nokia and Samsung leading the pack. Combine subsidies and numerous Android devices with an expected billion mobile connections and I’d say you’ve got the recipe for another smartphone revolution.

Is crowdfunding startups a solution, or just another problem?

A new bill would allow entrepreneurs to raise up to $2 million from individual investors without having to be approved by securities regulators. But would this free up more entrepreneurial firepower to help the economy, or just cause chaos and confusion for investors and regulatory headaches?

Motorola Only the Latest of Apple’s Many Legal Woes

Today, Motorola filed suit regarding three complaints against Apple over patent infringements. The complaints deal with antenna design and other associated smartphone technologies covered in 18 patents held by Motorola. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Apple’s legal problems.

iPad Wi-Fi + 3G Available Today in the U.S.

If you were patient enough to hold out on the wave of iPad releases, and if you specifically wanted to grab a 3G-capable model, then today is probably already clearly marked on your calendar.