Bill Gross Q&A: Can Chime solve the web’s relevance problem?

In an interview with GigaOM, UberMedia CEO Bill Gross — who is launching his new content-based social network,, today — says existing social networks like Facebook and Google+ suffer from a signal-to-noise problem and a monetization problem, and that Chime was designed to help with both.

Bill Gross takes on Twitter, Facebook & Google+

Entrepreneur Bill Gross is launching a content-focused social network called that will compete with Twitter, Facebook and Google+, as well as link-sharing sites like Digg. He says there is a need for a better way of filtering content, but the odds are stacked against him.

UberMedia continues Hollywood push with 50 Cent iPhone app

UberMedia, the independent maker of apps for Twitter, continues to go Hollywood. On Tuesday, the company launched Uber50 for iPhone, a customized UberSocial iPhone app designed by rapper 50 Cent. Celebrity endorsements are an age-old marketing strategy, but not typically for tech companies.

Why Twitter Would Be Smart to Buy Tweetdeck

According to a news report, Twitter is in talks to acquire the U.K.-based developer of Tweetdeck for as much as $50 million. Although the deal could obviously still go off the rails, buying Tweetdeck would be a smart move for Twitter on a number of levels.

The Vision Thing: What Twitter Needs to Learn From Apple

Twitter seems to be a company in turmoil — not just on the product side, but on the management side as well. What it needs more than anything is a consistent and tangible vision for what it wants to become, and someone who stands for that vision.

Does the World Really Need Another Twitter?

UberMedia is said to be working on developing a social network that would compete with Twitter. But while the company is arguably the most well-funded of all those who have tried, and there would be benefits to having multiple players, the odds are stacked against it.

Can Jack Dorsey Help Twitter Find Its Way?

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey is taking on an expanded role at the company, in what seems to be an attempt to show that Twitter is putting more emphasis back on the product after some recent mis-steps. Can Dorsey help put things back on the right track?

Happy Birthday, Twitter! What You Can Learn From Digg

As Twitter turns five, the service continues to struggle with some mid-life problems, including a growing tension with both its user and developer communities. For lessons in how not to handle that kind of thing, all Twitter has to do is look at Digg.

Here’s Why Developers Are Scaring Twitter

Twitter is downplaying suggestions that it’s on a crusade against developers. But a new analysis of Twitter traffic indicates why the company may be getting nervous. While Twitter officials downplay the company’s crusade against new third-party clients, fresh analysis suggests third-party apps account for more traffic.