Time Warner Cable broadband usage is up 40 percent this year

Thanks to a UBS note from Monday we now have some good data on broadband usage at Time Warner Cable. The investment bank issued a note saying that TWC’s CEO-designate Rob Marcus said online viewing is up (although not a replacement for pay TV), and is increasing the demand for broadband. That demand is up 40 percent year over year with an average consumption of 50 GB per month and a median of 20 GB per month. That’s driving the introduction of faster tiers, although TWC will keep usage caps at the low end to appeal to more price-sensitive subscribers.

Cloud, consumerization of IT makes life tough for CIOs

CIOs that try to thwart user demand for latest-and-greatest consumer technologies in the workplace could be an endangered species, according to speakers at Structure Europe. Better to accommodate and bring that new technology under IT’s big tent.

HP better not together?

A UBS analyst is calling for the breakup of Hewlett-Packard arguing that the separate parts are way more valuable than the whole. Ironically, that’s the kind of thinking that got former CEO Leo Apotheker booted last year.

This could be the iPhone’s best quarter ever

Apple CEO Tim Cook predicted Apple would sell more iPhones than ever this quarter, but it may not have been a risky call: A new UBS report says Apple is on track to sell 30 million iPhones this quarter, leapfrogging a previous record.

AT&T overbuilding LTE in 2011, taking on the Big Apple

Its 2011 LTE build goal already complete, AT&T is expanding the new super-high-speed network into more markets in the remaining days of the year, starting with New York City. AT&T’s CFO says the expansion is being driven by ever-increasing mobile broadband demand.

Better Place raises $200M, boasts $2.25B valuation

Better Place, which hopes to build an empire of electric car charging and battery swapping stations, said Friday it has closed a $200 million funding that will bring the company’s valuation to $2.2 billion.

How Apple put the hurt on carriers’ subscriber growth

The usual third-quarter subscriber boom failed to happen as operators had no new iPhone to lure in new customers. But UBS predicts that the fourth quarter will more than make up for any slumps, as it combines the traditional holiday surge with a delayed new-iPhone bump.