Here’s an Udemy course on how to create ebooks using free online tools
Looking for something to do over Labor Day weekend? You could take this $47 Udemy course on producing ebooks. Offered by’s Sabrina Ricci, who’s also a self-published author, it breaks down ebook production — including coding, file formatting and specific retailer instructions — into 25 parts. Note: I haven’t taken the course. And some reviewers complain that the volume on the first 8 lectures is too low, though they give the content high marks. It can be tough to find all this information in one place online, so it seems as if the course could be a good resource.

A new way to make six figures on the Web: teaching

San Fransciso-based online video course startup Udemy today released the salaries of the top 10 instructors on the 2-year-old platform. All of them earned more than $50,000 on their own and the top individual made more than $200,000.

Vidpresso Wants to Sync Your Videos and Presentations Online

Video presentations on the web typically focus either on the speaker or the slides, but very few applications do a good job of displaying both. Vidpresso hopes to change that, by giving users a way to match up slide presentations with videos that are already online.

Udemy: Democratizing Online Learning With Video

Udemy hopes to democratize the learning process by making it easy for instructors to create online courses with video online. While most other online learning services are focused on live streams, Udemy hopes to grow its user base with on-demand courses users can take any time.