The Apple Roundup: Don’t forget about the iPod

Here’s our daily pick of stories about Apple from around the web that you shouldn’t miss. Today’s installment: The iPhone 5 event will also include iPods, Apple’s winning event formula, the security expert who solved the Apple UDID mystery, more iPads in the air, and more.

Leaked Apple device IDs not stolen from FBI, but Florida app maker

Wait, what? Anonymous, the shady hacker collective, was not truthful about the source of the UDIDs it dumped on the web last week? It turns out that a Florida company that builds mobile apps for publishers is claiming that the device identifiers belong to it.

Apple denies handing over UDIDs to FBI or anyone else

The FBI says it didn’t have them, and now Apple says it also never handed over UDIDs to any organization. This leads to plenty more questions about where the list of 1 million Apple device IDs came from that was posted on the web Tuesday.

Anonymous reminds Apple that UDIDs are creepy

The publication of 1 million unique iOS unique device identifiers serves as a reminder that Apple has not instituted a new anonymous identifier system for iOS devices that would not be tied to devices.

Apple cracks down on UDID use

As privacy continues to be an important issue for Apple and iOS, the company is said to have finally started enforcing a policy that keeps apps out of the App Store that collect a device’s unique identifier number, which is sometimes used to track user behavior.