What’s next for Ustream? Q&A with founder Brad Hunstable

We got a chance to talk with Ustream president and co-founder Brad Hunstable in the company’s San Francisco office last week to discuss the company’s evolution and opportunities for future growth, as well as how it sees growing competition from some big-name players.

UFC Takes Justin.tv to Court Over Pirated MMA Streams

The Ulitmate Fighting Championship (UFC) has long struggled to battle piracy of its pay-per-view events. It’s stepping up that fight by taking live streaming firm Justin.tv to court for copyright infringement, but it’s doing so after it has used Justin.tv’s takedown tools and fingerprinting technology.

‘Like’ UFC? Watch Some Fights For Free

The Ultimate Fighting Championship is trying to ramp up its social media strategy with Facebook. The league will give fans the opportunity to watch a live stream of some upcoming matches live — if they “like” the mixed martial arts league on Facebook.

Ustream Hands Over Users’ IP Addresses to UFC

Live streaming pirates beware: The UFC’s muscle men are coming after you, and Ustream just helped them out by passing along IP addresses of infringing users. The live streaming site told us today that it “complied in a timely manner” to a UFC subpoena.

UFC Demands Justin.tv and Ustream Give Up Pirates’ IP Addresses

The UFC is looking to crack down on illegal live streams of its pay-per-view events, subpoenaing live streaming sites Justin.tv and Ustream to get the IP addresses needed to identify and shut down users that have made videos of those events available for free online.

Roku To Deliver UFC Live PPV, On Demand

Roku’s 500,000-plus customers already have access to Netflix (NSDQ: NFLX), MLB.TV, Amazon (NSDQ: AMZN) VOD and MMA’s Midwest Cage Championsh…

Roku Adds UFC Channel to Sports Lineup

Roku is boosting the amount of sports content it carries through a multiyear deal with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) that adds live pay-per-view events and archived matches to its broadband set-top box. It’s the third major sports deal for the set-top box maker.

Spike Brings UFC Video Archive Online

Spike TV and the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) just launched Ultimatefighter.com, a site that features every single episode of the last 10 seasons of The Ultimate Fighter. It offers fans the option of watching just the fights without any of the trash talking, and each and every fight is annotated, making it possible to skip straight to key moves and moments. The site also features exclusive content not aired on TV, but won’t carry any episodes of upcoming season 11 of The Ultimate Fighter — which is scheduled to start this weekend — until it’s aired in its entirety on Spike TV.

Erik Flannigan, EVP of digital media for MTV Networks (s VIA), which counts Spike among its portfolio of channels, told me today during a phone conversation that this release window is part of Spike’s strategy to treat The Ultimate Fighter as an outcome-based reality show that is enjoyed best on TV. Flannigan also said that the window helps to bridge the off-season gap, but added that Spike could possibly add live streams of UFC fights to Ultimatefighter.com in the future.

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