Does Netflix need a couch potato mode?

Should Netflix be more like TV, and just start playing a continuous stream of content as soon as you launch the app? There are good reasons for and against it.

Netflix Just for Kids UI lands on Boxee Box & WD TV

Netflix on the Boxee Box and WD TV Live just got a whole lot more kids-friendly: The devices, as well as some newer TVs and Blu-ray players from other notable CE manufacturers, got an updated Netflix app that now includes the Just for Kids UI.

Netflix tests new web UI for kids. First look

Kids don’t need to be able to read to navigate Netflix’s website, thanks to a new and much simplified section with children’s content. The new UI isn’t available to everyone yet, but Netfix has looked into making its site more appealing to kids for some time.

Netflix revamps website for more instant access

Netflix has revamped its home page to make finding and watching VOD titles easier. The new design includes bigger box art and less information clutter — but not everyone seems pleased. Most of the comments to the blog post announcing the changes were candidly negative.

For Hipmunk, it’s all about the users– and the UI

The travel web search has been one of the tech industry’s most crowded and cutthroat spaces since the launch of Expedia 15 years ago. But the stiff competition didn’t stop Adam Goldstein, the CEO of San Francisco-based startup Hipmunk, from throwing his hat in the ring.