Where, a Geo App, Launches a Local Mobile Ad Network

Where, a geo-enabled local search and recommendation service by Boston-based uLocate Communications, has launched Where Ads, a hyper-local advertising network. The company believes that it has the ability to deliver hyper-local and contextually relevant content and by extension, highly targeted local advertising.

With 2M Downloads, Where Is Right on Track

image001Where, a location-based mobile application from Boston-based uLocate, is quickly becoming a must-have on newer mobile platforms such as the iPhone (s aapl) and Android (s goog). It’s been download 2 million times and garnered a million registered users, numbers that are likely to head further north once Palm (s palm) launches its Pre — Where is a showcase application on Palm’s new webOS.

I like using the Where app on my iPod touch, mostly because it acts like a “portal” for a lot a location-based services. It has integrated many individual LBS apps, such as Locate Starbucks and Yellow Pages. But it’s gone beyond simple aggregation to unify various different services into one, seamless experience. For instance it allows you to search for a movie, make dinner plans — and share both with anyone in your address book. Read More about With 2M Downloads, Where Is Right on Track

LBS: A Dream Continually Deferred

iphone_pic_fixe1The Wall Street Journal this morning had a short article pointing out the somewhat obvious reasons why location-based services on cell phones are still not mainstream. It also helpfully pointed out that carriers were working on it. To recap, LBS services need three main things: a way to get location (which we have thanks to GPS chips and even the ability to triangulate using Wi-Fi networks), software that can make sense of geographic information and do something with it (which are out), and cooperation between handset makers and carriers to enable developers to access such services easily. Read More about LBS: A Dream Continually Deferred