Disney Movies Anywhere is coming to Walmart’s Vudu

Disney Movies Anywhere, the cloud locker service that recently expanded from iOS to Android, is coming to another major retailer: Disney CTO Jamie Voris announced at a company event in Los Angeles Friday that the service will launch with Walmart’s Vudu streaming service next Tuesday. This means that Vudu users who have linked their account with Disney Movies Anywhere will be able to access Disney titles they have previously bought via iTunes or Google Play through Vudu apps, and vice versa. Interestingly, Vudu is also the first retailer that has partnered with both Disney’s cloud locker and the Ultraviolet locker run by most other major studios.

Pining for days of DVD

The studios were hoist on the petard of their own pining for the heady early days of DVD — a format shift that drove a massive change in consumer behavior from mostly renting movies to mostly buying them, producing a huge revenue and margin windfall for the studios.

Barnes & Noble launches Nook Video, including UltraViolet support

With the launch of Nook Video, Barnes & Noble will begin selling digital movies and TV episodes across devices. The company plans to release Nook Video apps, and the service will be available in the US and UK. Pricing and other details are unclear.

HBO deal ends Fox blackout on iCloud

Those who purchase Fox movies like Prometheus on iTunes can now re-download their films on iCloud, thanks to a deal the studio carved with its pay TV partner, HBO, that relaxes digital restrictions of movies while they’re in the pay TV window.

UltraViolet creeps along – now up to 3M users

Eight months after launching, and two months since Walmart started pushing the cloud-based movie locker in its stores, the studio-backed UltraViolet program has signed up 3 million users.

Time Warner CEO thinks Hulu users should pay for cable

Hulu should require viewers to have a cable subscription, Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes suggested in an investor call following the company’s Q1 2012 earnings report this morning. “We think Hulu authenticating makes sense,” Bewkes said. “We think Hulu is heading in the right direction now.”