GetGlue’s next iPad app aims to reinvent the TV guide

GetGlue announced a new $12 million round of funding Wednesday, and the company has big plans for the money: It plans to launch a new version of its iPad app in Q1 of this year that will be a personalized take on the TV Guide.

Twitter board shake-up, Wilson leaves

Two of the early investors of Twitter — Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures and Bijan Sabet of Spark Capital — are leaving Twitter’s board of directors. This is the latest shake-up in the long list of shake-ups at the San Francisco–based company.

Got needs? Delicious founder launches Jig to meet them

On Friday, Delicious founder Joshua Schachter’s Tasty Labs announced its first product to the public: Essentially, Jig allows people to post questions about anything they need — there are no categories yet, just one big stream — and allow anyone out there to answer them.

Skillshare raises $3.1M to make every person a teacher

Skillshare, the peer-to-peer learning start-up I profiled recently, has raised $3.1 million from Union Square Ventures and Spark Capital. I reported in my profile that the two VC firms were close to funding Skillshare’s Series A round and now it looks like it’s official.

Fred Wilson to devs: Expect platform owners to work against you

Developers building atop platforms like iOS and Twitter should plan for the day when platform owners work against their interests, said Union Square Ventures partner Fred Wilson, who reminded entrepreneurs about the dangers of relying on someone else’s APIs.

Fred Wilson: The Next Internet Opportunity Is in Social Upheaval

The next big opportunity is in social upheavals and revolutions, said Union Square’s Fred Wilson. After the infrastructure of the Internet and the applications have been established, he said the next step is revolutions personified by Wikileaks, BitCoin, the Arab Spring and other changes.

Union Square Creates New Fund as Social Media Goes Mainstream

Union Square Ventures is forming a new $165 million fund to help it participate in later rounds of funding for social media and network start-ups like portfolio companies Twitter, Foursquare and Tumbler as they grow beyond the early stages that the firm has traditionally focused on.