Unisys taps Intel to make money off the shift from RISC to x86

Unisys, an IT vendor that makes mainframes, (s uis) said Thursday it will work with Intel (s intc) to release a Xeon-based “platform” enabling companies to quickly move from RISC architecture to x86 and run Linux, Windows and migrated Unix applications while maintaining security. The x86 architecture keeps gaining ground, and Unisys wants to capitalize on it.

Consumerization study: IT pros swamped, behind on mobile

The consumerization of IT is a hot topic as employees increasingly bring beloved gadgets from home to work. But just because it’s much discussed doesn’t mean that most offices are ahead of the curve on this trend, at least according to new research from Unisys.

The real costs of cybercrime

IT services company Unisys recently released its biannual Unisys Security Index. The latest study found that many have already been victims of cybercrime, but this infographic shows that companies charged with protecting consumer data might be the biggest losers when it gets exposed.

Enterprise IT sees phones, Facebook and tablets! Oh my!

Enterprise employees have shifted from the gray and controlled world of corporate IT to the colorful Oz of consumer technologies, but according to data from an IDC/Unisys survey, everyone is in need of some kind of wizard to sort things out.

What to Read This Weekend: How Nielsen Works

Ever wondered how shows like Venture Bros can survive on TV? iO9 has the answer, and it may surprise you: The blog has taken an in-depth look at the Nielsen ratings system, including statements from a former Nielsen family member and a look at future trends.

Unisys Offers Enterprises a Security Blanket in the Cloud

Unisys (s uis), the IT services company, today became the latest with a set of products aimed at helping customers create their own internal clouds. And in a month it will offer a true Infrastructure-as-a-Service product that will deliver computing and storage on demand and on a per-instance basis. Like many of the traditional IT vendors, Unisys is investing in a hybrid cloud strategy, which will involve customers revamping their own data centers through heavy virtualization to create an on-demand environment for IT workloads, while Unisys provides a pool of compute resources that a customer can dip into when needed.

To distinguish its offerings from those of other vendors such as  Sun Microsystems (s Java), IBM (s IBM) or Microsoft (s msft), Unisys is pitching security. CSC says it is doing the same thing, although it will be a while before we see widespread product deployments from many of these vendors. Read More about Unisys Offers Enterprises a Security Blanket in the Cloud