Google boosts ad integrity by buying British fraud fighters

Google(s goog) has bought London security startup, which deals in detecting ad fraud. Founder Douglas de Jager and his small team specialize in combating scams like hidden display ad inventory and click fraud botnets — swarms of computers that have been quietly co-opted by hackers to generate masses of click-throughs on website ads, driving revenue to the website owner without driving customers to the advertiser. Google said it will put the technology to use in its video and display ad products to give advertisers and publishers “a clearer, cleaner picture of what campaigns and media are truly delivering strong results.”

UK now has 2 million “superfast” connections

The UK, while far behind European broadband superpowers such as Netherlands and Sweden, is finally gaining momentum for its 25 Mbps (or higher) “superfast” broadband, thanks to new offerings from Virgin and BT. About 10 percent of the UK’s 21.3 million broadband connections qualify as superfast.

February gets a new holiday: Anywhere Working Week

Gloomy February is generally in need of more celebrations, and it has gotten one: Anywhere Working Week is on now. But this initiative from UK business, government and nonprofits to promote remote work is hardly getting pulses racing. Flexible work deserves a higher profile.

Yup, Britain is a freelance nation too

A survey conducted by British online labor platform confirms earlier findings from competitor site PeoplePerHour that showed UK businesses are hiring more independent workers, indicating that the much discussed rise of the “gig economy” is a transatlantic phenomenon.

iZettle launches across Nordics — next stop U.K.

Despite being known as Europe’s answer to Square, the payments service iZettle has only officially been available in Sweden since launching last year. Now that’s changing, with news of a rollout across Norway, Denmark and Finland, and the first step toward a British service too.

British small businesses using more independent workers

At Net:Work Gene Zaino of MBO Partners made a bold prediction: Independent workers will be a majority in the U.S. by 2020. Can the same be said in the UK? A new survey offers evidence that at British small businesses freelancing is on the rise.

Samwers clone Wrapp: Have they gone too far this time?

Europe’s most notorious cloners have built their reputation by copying big American companies. But now they appear to be readying a new rival to small Swedish startup Wrapp — a change of tactics that has ‘surprised’ Wrapp CEO Hjalmar Winbladh.

Roku adds BBC iPlayer to bolster UK launch

Roku has filled a vital gap in its lineup by announcing the addition of a channel for the BBC’s popular iPlayer service, just as it starts shipping its media streaming boxes to Britain for the first time.

O2 sends 3,000 staff home to telecommute for a day

Some say remote working is still a bit fringe outside of tech firms, edgy startups and freelancers in coffee shops, but a recent experiment by the British telecoms behemoth suggests the practice is slowly seeping into the mainstream of business.