Ustream Working on Mobile App?

Ustream is reportedly going up against Qik, Kyte and Flixwagon with the creation of a mobile vid-casting application, writes Mobile Crunch. We contacted Ustream for confirmation but only got back an email saying, “We don’t have a comment on mobile at this time.”

The big differentiator for the Ustream service will supposedly be drastically shorter lag times between recording and posting video. The video embedded above demonstrates the difference in lag between Ustream and Qik (though we don’t know how that video was created). Mobile Crunch also reports that the Ustream app will have mobile chat and if your handset has dual cameras, you’ll be able to switch between the two.

Though Ustream is being tight-lipped right now about the products (bastards!), we’ll keep pestering them to get more info. Recently mobile vid-caster Kyte started de-emphasizing its consumer service to focus on publishers.