Lovefilm heads off Netflix again with Universal deal

Amazon’s European subsidiary now has exclusive second pay-TV window rights locked up for three of Hollywood’s six major studios, leaving precious little premium content left over for rival Netflix to acquire when it expands into Western Europe later this year.

Flipboard adds 1M subscribers: Good lesson for iPad apps

For Flipboard, making the move to the smaller screen of the iPhone seems to have been a risk well worth taking; the personalized news delivery service has already added 1 million new users since the iPhone app launched. It’s a good lesson for iOS periodical publishers.

Hands on with Flipboard for iPhone: Small screen success

On the iPad, few would deny that Flipboard is a category leader; its delivery of personalized, multi-source news is pretty hard to top. Now, the Flipboard team has brought that class-defining experience to the iPhone, in a way that makes perfect sense for the smaller screen.

Games for the weekend: Scribblenauts Remix

This week we bring you the first game I’ve seen that takes full advantage of what iOS 5 and iCloud can mean for gaming: Scribblenauts Remix. In addition to being a fun puzzle game, Scribblenauts also takes syncs saved games across iOS devices using iCloud.

Games for the weekend: Monsters Ate My Condo

I’d hate to live in the fictional condo depicted in Monsters Ate My Condo. It’s a vertical matching game where the goal is to sacrifice floors of your condo to monsters to ensure the tower doesn’t collapse, and it plays a little like Tetris meets Bejewled.

Games for the weekend: ShadowGun

At $7.99, ShadowGun is one of the pricier titles I’ve recommended. But it’s well worth the price of admission for graphics alone. Add in a unique cover system (at least as far as iOS games) and universal support, and we have a winner for this week.

Movieclips raises another $6 million confirmed that it has raised an additional $6 million in venture funding. While its founders declined to discuss what the funding is for or who was part of the most recent investment, they said a big announcement was in the works.